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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

That didn’t take long....

Within hours of the Red Lake school killings, Tim Pawlenty and his minions were suggesting that this tragic moment isn’t the time to talk about Tim’s casino deal.

Yes, we didn’t miss the point but in case you did, let us recap the Pawlenty talking points:

The Red Lake incident is tragic. It’s the work of a lone, weird individual. The Red Lake Band is a poor, tightly knit community. Casino revenue from Tim’s Twin Cities Vegas-style casinos will provide new revenue. More revenue means less poverty. Less poverty means less tragedy and fewer lone, weird individuals. Therefore, the solution to the Red Lake killings is expanded gambling.

But, to paraphrase Tim Pawlenty, we’re not going to talk about the casino deal unless we can talk about the casino deal.


Thursday, March 17, 2005

Tim Pawlenty: the New Caligula

I keep wondering, where do Minnesota’s poorest tribes –recipients of Tim Pawlenty’s casinos-as-social-engineering munificent benevolence- come up with $200,000,000?

Two hundred million smackeroos is about two hundred million smackeroos more than the northern tribes have. Two hundred million bucks; that’s Carl Pohlad money. Or, Ghermezian Brothers money. Or, Randy Sampson money.

If Tim’s Vegas Casino deal happens, somebody will have to lend the northern tribes two hundred million dollars. As we’ve learned from the sports stadium experience, private capital never rushes in where public capital blunders first. I predict that the State of Minnesota “loans” the northern tribes two hundred million dollars. The tribes, in turn, pay their “one time fee” to the –gasp- State of Minnesota.

Ok, Joe Citizen, pay attention. You’re on the hook for two hundred million dollars, raised through the sale of government guaranteed state bonds. The northern tribes are on the hook for two hundred million dollars borrowed from Minnesota to pay Minnesota for a gambling license. The bottom line? Tim Pawlenty is washing two hundred million dollars of borrowed money, declaring it revenue and applying it against his billion dollar budget deficit.

People, people, people. Tim Pawlenty is simply transferring debt from one credit card to another, declaring the transfer as revenue, then buying himself a steak dinner to celebrate. Ancient Rome tried this sort of thing, hoping to keep the empire together. It didn’t work. Tim, take note. You don’t want to be mentioned in the same breath as Caligula.


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tim Pawlenty: Twelfth of Twelve

Tim Pawlenty made the top twelve most likely 2008 Republican presidential nominees list. Some might fear that Tim’s getting a big head over this but, frankly, his noggin’s already pretty good sized so let’s move on to the other common question: which 11 Republicans stand ahead of Tim?

And, can you name them? How about five? Could you at least come up with the top five?

We didn’t think so. However, let’s at least try to examine Tim’s august company.

First, there’s Condi Rice except that she’s not running. Same thing with Colin Powell and Dick Cheney. Newt’s not running, of course, although it annoys him to admit that. Bush the Elder reports that Bush the Florida Governor isn’t likely to run.

See, the first five Republicans that I can identify –apart from Tim Pawlenty, of course- and none of them are running.

Denny Hastert? Naw. Why take the step down from being Speaker? Bill Frist? Possibly. Sure, running the Senate is like herding cats but he’s still the Senate Majority leader. Plus, being Leader worked so incredibly well for Bob Dole’s Presidential bid.

A great many Christians are hard pressed to name all twelve apostles so I guess I’m not surprised that I can’t name the eleven likely GOP presidential nominees ahead of Tim Pawlenty.

Maybe, though, Tim isn’t really the twelfth most likely nominee. Maybe, like the traitor, Judas Iscariot, he’s actually the uncounted thirteenth.

Damn it. Now we have to come up with yet one more Republican presidential contender ahead of Tim Pawlenty. If Tim thinks about it too hard, it might give him an insecurity complex.


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sugarcoated Crap

Last Friday, an ever-so-slightly-uncomfortable Tim Pawlenty stood before northern Minnesota tribal representatives, toadies and assorted traitors, and announced his “fairness” initiative. Today, the Racino vultures get their shot. Frankly, I can’t keep the proposals straight without a scorecard.

Today’s Pioneer Press-Republican carries a Craig Westover op-ed piece, examining Tim-Boy’s political maneuvering and stagecraft. It’s well written and certainly worth a read.

Westover argues “Using the theater of his office, the governor has defined the debate as a contest between the moral high ground of "fairness," plus demonstrable fiscal benefits, vs. the speculative social costs of gambling.

“The governor is running a winnable bluff.

“Given immediate gratification with only "potential" consequences somewhere in the future, most people will order the dessert, charge up their credit cards, run the yellow light and take the tribal $200 million up-front money as part of the governor's deal.

“And that's what the governor is counting on.”

Since we’re ordering dessert, abandon all restraint, ye who enter. My newest suggestion: seatback video slots on school buses. Let kids use their lunch money debit cards to gamble during the tedious bus commute. (And those of you from rural areas know what I’m talking about).

Sure, little Jimmy will go hungry nine times out of ten but, hey, he might get an extra Ho-Ho once in a while. And, isn’t that why Tim wants more casino gambling in Minnesota? He’s betting the farm, shoveling sugarcoated crap down our throats and calling it caviar. I’m betting that Pit Boss Tim Pawlenty craps out.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Flip-Flopper Tim Pawlenty

Flip Flopper. A term Republicans including the Two-Faced Governor of this state know all too well and love to throw about. But like a boomerang, it is coming back to smack Timmy in the face.

Thanks to a tip from one of our loyal readers, we found an article over at Minnesota Public Radio dealing with Two-Faced Tim Pawlenty the Flip Flopper, and his views of gambling.

The article, posted December 6th, 2004 had this to say:

Pawlenty insists he has not changed his position on gambling. But when he ran for governor two years ago, he campaigned against proposals to expand gambling.

Five months into his first year as governor, Pawlenty had this to say about a state-sponsored casino in an interview with Minnesota Public Radio.

"It's not a proper function of government, to be running and owning and profiting from gambling operations. That's not really part of our Constitution, or the vision that our founding fathers had for our state."

Now lets see. "It's not a proper function of government, to be running and owning and profiting from gambling operations.” That seems pretty clear. And yet he lies when he says he has not changed his position. After all, he campaigned against proposals to expand gambling!!!

FLIP FLOP!!!! A big one. And not just a Flip Flop, but a blatant lie added to it.

This is the true face of Two-Faced Tim Pawlenty the Flip Flopper. A deceitful, flip-flopping, liar who will say anything to get re-elected so he can run for President and run out on this state.


Monday, March 07, 2005

The Star Tribune is Catching On

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. On Friday we brought you the “Whorino,” on Sunday the Star Tribune had its own ides for Two-Faced Tim Pawlenty:

Hospisino: This one's been suggested jokingly by a hospitals advocate, who has suggested slot machines in emergency room waiting areas. Proceeds would help cover the costs of emergency care for the uninsured. Rep. Tom Huntley, DFL-Duluth, actually tried to pass a hospisino amendment a couple years ago, and said he expects to try again this year.

Inside-straight state park: Instead of cutting state park programs or jacking up entrance fees again, transform one campsite in every state park into a Texas Hold 'em parlor. Proceeds stay with natural resources.

MnDOTsino: Convert state highways to toll roads and place slot machines in toll booths, giving drivers the opportunity to pay double or ride to the next booth free.

Keno for kids: A serious proposal to open up bars and restaurants to slot machines has been billed as a "ma and pa" bill because it presumably would help small, locally owned businesses. But what else do ma and pa also care about? Education, of course, and school funding. Put the slots in the bars, along with keno, roulette and other games, and earmark the state proceeds strictly for schools. Florida already proposed something like this.

Envirocraps: Baby needs a brand new statewide upgrade in groundwater and surface water standards. Legislators are balking at a $36-per-homeowner property tax surcharge to raise the hundreds of millions it will take to comply with federal law. Alternative: Set up craps tables in every county, load the dice slightly in favor of the state, and rake in the loot to improve "impaired waters."

So Timmy, what do you think? This what you had in mind? Cause it's not what Minnesota had in mind when they elected you.


Friday, March 04, 2005


What comes from gambling? I mean both practically, as in “what are the results of expanded, Las Vegas-style gambling?” and “When gambling revenues fail to solve the budget crises, what gimmick will Tim Pawlenty propose next?”

Interestingly, both questions produce a single answer: legalized prostitution.

In the first case –expansion outcomes- twenty-plus years of legalized gambling growth provides a remarkably clear picture. Crime increases, drug consumption skyrockets, petty and street crimes jump, property theft climbs, car theft booms, and, well, you get the picture. Consequently, police costs jump. In short order, Minnesota becomes the next Kansas.

Expanded gambling means more, a lot more, prostitution. If you accept the “broken window” theory behind community policing, that small, seemingly harmless things –a broken porch window, graffiti defaced buildings, the ’79 Trans Am on blocks in the driveway- create an insecure community environment which in turn lowers property values, then prostitution is the broken window.

Expanded gambling not prostitution is the true cause of plummeting property values and accelerating property tax increases. Tim Pawlenty doesn’t see it that way, however. Desperate to please his wealthy, tax-obsessed masters, Tim sees gambling as a revenue stream boost. He conveniently neglects associated costs.

Plus, the gambling flush is another one-time gimmick. So, what’s a sweaty-palmed Governor to do? That’s right; legalize prostitution.

If Minnesota would only permit the northern Tribes to run whores, why that would be fair. And revenue generating. Without raising taxes.

But let’s not stop there, because a Tribal prostitution compact, restricting legalized prostitution to, say, the Mall of America, isn’t fair to non-Indian pimps. Minnesota could at least allow legalized prostitutes at race tracks. We’ll call it “Whorino.”

Mark my words. I predict that Tim Pawlenty will propose legalizing prostitution. 5-1 odds. Any takers?

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Tim Trying To Have It Both Ways

Is it just me, or is everyone starting to realize that Two-Faced Tim Pawlenty’s leadership style seems to be that he is in favor or anything popular, but when it comes to doing the work to get it passed, he is nowhere to be seen.

A few weeks ago, Tim held that neat little news conference, going on and on about candy cigarettes, and how they need to be banned. It was a public safety issue he said. Cigarettes and cigarette smoke are dangerous.

Tim was even backing Rep. Meslow and Rep. Latz’s bill providing a state wide smoking ban. A ban that was on track in the Republican controlled House.

Then, it all fell apart. The bill died in committee. Killed by the Republican Super-Majority they have in committee.

I can’t help but that that a few calls from the Leader of their party, to members on the committee about a bill he supposedly feels is important to the people of Minnesota, and we would all be doing a happy dance right now instead of wondering what went wrong.

Instead, what was the Governor doing? He was in negotiations to expand gambling…again. But in the end, why not. Now Governor Vegas, the Would-Be President Pawlenty, can claim he was all for the smoking ban, but at the same time doesn’t have to enforce it.

One of these days, he may actually have to show some follow through on one of his positions. Perish the thought.


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Fear and Loathing in Tim Pawlenty’s Minne-Vegas

Elvis Makes Rare Appearance at State Capitol

Diligent, hard-working, mainstream media make our job so much more difficult. Yesterday, before the whole Minnesota Democrats Exposed “scandal” distracted us, we were toying with another casino post, pointing out yet one more time that Tim Pawlenty has his sights set squarely on bringing Las Vegas to Minnesota.

This morning, we read that the DFL had an Elvis impersonator drop by the Governor’s office. Damn. Wish we’d thought of that. Erudite isn’t nearly as funny as slapstick.

Then, we discussed writing about Tim’s failings around schools and education. Star-Tribune columnist Nick Coleman, however, just goes to town today on that one.

Some days, you just can’t catch a break.

That being said, we’re now considering a “Fear and Loathing in Tim Pawlenty’s Minne-Vegas.” As Hunter Thompson is still dead, we’re reasonably confident that we won’t be pre-empted from that idea.

Stay tuned.


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

In Response...

Our erstwhile blog-peer, Minnesota Democrats Exposed, is feeling the heat. He anonymously purchased Internet domain names, ostensibly as a “modest marketing plan” for his site. Web surfers seeking information on Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch’s political ambition might be surprised, though, to find that MikeHatchforGovernor.com directs them to Minnesota Democrats Exposed.

The Star-Tribune takes a swipe at MDE, prompting considerable defensiveness. First, MDE offers Thomas Paine’s initially anonymous writings as an excuse for his cyber squatting/modest marketing efforts. He quickly expands to include Madison, Hamilton and others from the right-wing pantheon. Lastly, though (and we admire MDE’s temerity in this), MDE embraces patriotism, the scoundrel’s refuge, all in service to a stupid, mildly annoying, political dirty trick.

Trying to refocus public attention, MDE attacks us, your hardworking Pawlenty Exposed hosts. Well, we’re not offended. We do, however, find his insistence that we’re DFL Party staff to be revealing. Methinks he doth protest too much.

The truth, boy-o, is far more pedestrian. Two of the three of us are State of Minnesota employees. We labor in the agencies that MDE and his ilk love to condemn. We also know that Tim Pawlenty is one vindictive son-of-a-bitch. And, until you’ve had an incompetent, Pawlenty-appointed Deputy Commissioner breathing down your neck, threatening to fire you or at least reassign you to cleaning the Governor’s Mansion toilet bowls with a toothbrush, well, you haven’t walked a mile in our shoes.

So, let’s recap. MDE is a coward, engaged in petty shenanigans. He defends them by hiding behind the reputations of true patriots. Signing the Declaration of Independence is revolutionary; cyber squatting on WetterlingforSenate.com is just plain weenie.