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Friday, February 25, 2005

Calling It Like It Is

Our award here at Pawlenty Exposed for “Calling It Like It Is” goes to House DFL Leader Mat Entenza.

In the last few weeks, we have brought you a great deal of information on Two-Faced Tim Pawlenty and his gambling expansion plans. Rep. Entenza summed it all up for us rather nice in today’s Star Tribune:

"First he [Tim Pawlenty] said this was about a fairer deal for the state. Then he said it was about a fairer deal for the northern tribes. At the end of the day, it's really all about him. His political career here will be in jeopardy if the schools don't get more money, and his national ambitions will be in jeopardy if he breaks his [no-tax] pledge to the Taxpayers League."

Maybe Timmy should take Rep. Entenza’s advice and worry about the job he was elected to do.


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More Two-Faced Tim Pawlenty For President

As state legislators worked hard to hammer out a bonding bill that the Republican’s, under Timmy’s leadership, blocked last year, where was the leader of the state??

Was he at the Capitol helping to broker the bi-partnership he promised? No.

Was he working the phones, fighting for the Northstar bill he claims he supports, yet privately hoped would remain unfunded so he wouldn’t have to build it? No.

Was he calling leaders in the Senate expressing his hope that they would quickly appoint conferees to get the bill past as soon as possible? No.

So where was Timmy?

He was too busy planning his US trade mission to China and holding his “presidential” news conference to announce it. And when he was asked about outsourcing of jobs to China with free trade, he acknowledged criticism that freer trade with China has resulted in "outsourcing" and loss of some jobs in the United States.

In the United States!!!

He didn’t say in Minnesota, or in St. Paul, or in Rochester, or in Anoka. He said in the United States!!!

Clearly Two-Faced Tim Pawlenty’s presidential ambitions are not getting in the way of governing Minnesota. Maybe if he spent half as much time on his job as he does on running for President, we wouldn’t have yet another year of budget deficit.

Hey Timmy, here is a thought. Do the job you were elected to do!!!!


Monday, February 21, 2005

Two-Faced Tim in favor of a new TAX?

So, obviously Two-faced Tim’s No New Taxes pledge is as flip-floppy as can be. He is against new taxes, but when Republican Fran Bradley suggests a $1 tax increase on tobacco, Tim is suddenly all for it.

Now don’t get us wrong, we are in favor of this idea. But then again, we are not going around crusading on a “No New Taxes” pledge.

See for yourself here.


Two-Faced Tim Turning His Back On Minnesota?

Is it just me, or should the Governor of Minnesota be focused on the problems he created in Minnesota, and not on running for national office? Our friends over at Minnesota Republican Watch found this little gem; Timmy’s friends have registered a web site for Timmy’s Presidential campaign!! Republican Rep. Patrick Garofalo (36B) registered the web site, as well as Tim’s Gubernatorial campaign web site. Coincidence? I think not. All that while he spends more and more time in Washington DC testifying and hanging out with Bush and his friends. Mean while national republican groups keep mentioning him for 2008. Check out the article here.

Maybe Tim should worry about 2006 before he thinks about 2008. Or is he just going to continue to take Minnesota voters for granted?


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Republicans Agree…You Can’t Trust Tim Pawlenty

Apparently, even Republican lawmakers are getting tired of Two-Faced Tim’s secret dealings and under and table agreements when it comes to important issues in Minnesota such as casino gambling.

According to today’s Star Tribune, Republican Sen. Bill Belanger is frustrated over the Governor’s handling of the casino debate, which he said is being conducted underground.

"He's operated behind my back. At this point I can't trust him,'' Belanger said.

Of course, in response to this, Two-Faced Tim released his attack dog, Brian McClung to try and discredit Sen. Belanger’s opinion of the Timmy’s sneaky practices. Glad to see the Republican Party under Timmy’s leadership hasn’t given up on the practice of eating their own young when they have the audacity to disagree.

We here at Pawlenty Exposed applaud Sen. Belanger’s heroic stand against this corrupt and underhanded Governor. Knowing the way Two-faced Tim and his party of “Our Way or the Highway” Yes Men operate, we are sure to see a primary challenge to Sen. Belanger as a thank you. Don’t believe me, just ask Arlon Lindner.

Glad to see the “Party of Lincoln” now believes in involuntary servitude. If you don’t do and say what the Master wants, you might just disappear next fall.


Monday, February 07, 2005

57 Percent of Minnesotans (including Republican legislators) Speak Out Against Tim’s No New Taxes Pledge

This just in, Tim: 57% percent of Minnesotans see your No New Taxes pledge for exactly what it is – a nonsensical, selfish, and politically motivated promise that is hurting our state. In a poll released on Saturday by the Star Tribune, 57% of Minnesotans said that Tim and his followers in the Legislature should abandon their pledge to David Strom and his rich friends at the Taxpayers League and combine tax increases with service fees and budget cuts to solve the budget deficit.

Seeing as “service fees” (a misnomer for taxes anyway) and budget cuts have been the ongoing failed solution of the Tim administration thus far, the only new action people are calling for is a tax increase! This is how bad you’ve let it get, Tim; this is how obviously wrong your pledge is. 57% percent of people are asking you to raise their taxes. 57% of Minnesotans are asking you to stop hurting their state.

In addition, 36% of Minnesotans say that they have been hurt personally by the budget cuts enacted as a consequence of the no new taxes pledge. Hmmm, maybe they’re mad that you under funded their schools, taxed their children’s activities, took away their health insurance, or simply raised their property taxes. How does Tim respond to the people he has hurt? His chief of staff said that he’s concerned about it, “but I’m not surprised.” Also that, “The governor continues to believe that not raising taxes is the best policy.”

So let us get this straight: 36% of Minnesotans just said that Tim’s tax pledge is personally hurting them, Tim is not surprised, and thinks that he should continue to do the same thing. Put even more simply, Tim knew that he was hurting people, acknowledges the confirmation that he is, and pledges to continue to do so.

Concerned with representing the common person, we at Pawlenty Exposed decided to choose one of the 2,804,103 Minnesotans that oppose Tim’s tax pledge (57% of our population of 4,919,479 as reported by the 2000 census) at random and tell their story.

We selected Richard Day from Owatonna, Minnesota. As it turns out, Richard (better known as Dick) is a Republican State Senator as well as the Republican Senate Minority Leader. What a coincidence. Also a little ironic that a member of the state Republican Leadership, one of the most powerful Republicans in the state, is against Tim’s pledge. Senator Day isn’t exactly a closet protestor either. In fact just last week he held a press conference announcing a bill that would raise the gas tax by 5 cents a gallon as well as raising “fees” (another tax synonym) on the cost of buying new and used cars. Senator Day says that, “The governor would be a fool if he didn't just let [the tax increase] lay on his desk and become law.”

Would be a fool, Dick? Well even if Senator Day isn’t yet convinced that you are a fool, Tim, he sure is making you look like one (along with his 2,804,103 friends).

We admit that Senator Day being the random Minnesota unhappy with Tim is a little suspect, so we’ll chose one more. How about Pat Pariseau from Farmington. Huh, turns out that Pat is also a member of the State Legislature, and is also a Republican. Representative Pariseau says, “I haven't supported [a gas tax increase] in the past, but when we get in dire straits we have to think about how we're going to get the state's work done.”

Huh, getting the state’s work done – this would be a novel idea for Tim.

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune