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Friday, January 28, 2005

Tim Receives a Dear John from Minnesota

Dear John (Tim),

Tim, this isn’t easy to say but… it’s just not working out between us. I admit that two years ago I fell for you. After stable and sensible relationships with Rudy and Arne, I was a little hurt from my fling with Jesse. I knew that I had to make a better choice next time around. There just wasn’t any spark between Roger and I, Arne showed me that a Republican could more than satisfy my needs, and god knows I still get weak in the knees for your charm, good looks, and wit. I’ve never shared this with you but I really thought that you might be the one, Tim. You told me you could fix my deficit without raising taxes while always treating me with the respect I deserve. The way you looked at me when you said that made me believe it was true, but now I’m realizing that it was too good to be.

At first you were exciting, you seemed to be coming through on your promise, distracting me with spontaneous ideas like making teachers millionaires and letting me carry my gun everywhere we went. You were sweeping me off of my feet but it felt just a little faster and more coercive than I had dreamed it would be. I started to realize that you cared more about how we looked together than about my real needs. I guess that explains why you give me so much PDA but then when we’re alone, you barley pay any attention to me at all. You told me it was okay to give up a little education, a little healthcare, and the entire tobacco settlement fund, that you would make it up to me. What hurt the most though, is when you cheated on me and then flat out lied to me about it. I kept getting notices in the mail that my property taxes were going up but when I asked you about it, you said that it wasn’t you. I knew better but I wanted to believe you, I didn’t want to get hurt. Well now I am hurt, Tim. I’ve given up more education, more healthcare, and now you tell me that you can’t make it up to me, that this is just the way it is, that it’s my problem. I just can’t do this anymore. I can’t live like this. It’s just not working out.


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Two-Faced Tim's Web of Lies

For weeks, we here at Pawlenty Exposed have been highlighting Two-Faced Tim's web of lies. His tax increases and his general apathy towards working class Minnesotans. Yesterday, he unveiled his budget, showing his true colors by kicking hard working Minnesotans, working class people who make at best, $7 or $8 an hour, off MinnesotaCare. But don't just take our word for it....


A shifty budget/Pawlenty pushes costs elsewhere

Gov. Tim Pawlenty's 2006-07 budget proposal adroitly demonstrates how the state's money problems can be pushed around until they become somebody else's problems.

The two-year plan the Republican governor released Tuesday would, he said, "put Minnesota back on solid footing" financially, without raising taxes.

That's true if by Minnesota, Pawlenty means only state government. Local taxes are bound to rise if his budget is enacted, while the working poor, college students, hospitals, low-income parents and others who depend on government services would find themselves on shakier financial ground.

Property tax increases are an explicit part of Pawlenty's K-12 financing plan. His K-12 budget finally ends a four-year freeze on the per-pupil allotment the state gives school districts. But its 2 percent per year increase does not begin to cover mounting education costs, something the governor acknowledges by proposing to give schools more authority to raise levies without voter approval.

According to Education Department projections, Pawlenty's plan anticipates a 23 percent jump in the school portion of average property tax bills next year and a 9 percent increase in the year after that.

Every major hospital in Minnesota has already seen charity care costs rise in the last two years, because of health insurance changes made by the 2003 Legislature, and the governor's budget would compound that problem. In the case of public hospitals, it would make it property taxpayers' problem too.

Thousands of working Minnesotans have lost subsidized health insurance in the last two years. Thousands more would lose eligibility under Pawlenty's plan. Single adults without children would no longer qualify for MinnesotaCare, the state insurance plan designed for low-income working people. Family eligibility for the program would also shrink, though not disappear. A "safety net" of sorts would remain, giving those who lose MinnesotaCare a choice when they become ill: Either spend themselves into dire poverty, or go without care. Neither is a choice worthy of a state that values its human capital.

College students can expect another two years of tuition increases at or approaching double-digit increases under Pawlenty's budget. Though the governor would fund a number of important initiatives at the University of Minnesota and in the MnSCU system, his budget fails to cover the state's share of the cost of higher enrollment.

Low-income parents and child care providers also would bear more costs, as a freeze in the state's reimbursement for child care costs is extended.

All of those cost-shifting maneuvers deserve careful scrutiny in coming months. But one proposal might, unfortunately, steal the show. Pawlenty's bid for a $200 million upfront licensing fee for a new casino, operated by the state and three northern Ojibwe tribes in partnership, moves casino gambling policy to center stage at the Legislature.

The governor's casino idea is promising. But it seems unripe for legislative discussion, and it seems premature to assume that the state will actually collect a $200 million casino licensing fee the governor is counting on. The three tribes involved -- Leech Lake, Red Lake and White Earth -- have not yet agreed with the state on fundamental features of such an enterprise, such as how proceeds would be shared or what an appropriate license fee might be.

Pawlenty said he remains open to conversations with other tribes that might lead to new compacts that would guarantee revenue for the state and exclusivity for the tribes. Those conversations ought to be pursued now in earnest, by both parties.

Meanwhile, the Legislature should focus not on the glitz of gambling, but something that has always been basic in Minnesota governance: fairness. Other states may do as Pawlenty proposes -- relying more on local taxes, letting school quality vary with differences in community wealth, allowing sickness and poverty to go hand-in-hand.

Through the years, Minnesota has chosen to govern itself in a fairer way, with responsible state government. Pawlenty's budget proposal will make the 2005 Legislature choose again.

Source: Star Tribune January 26th, 2005

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

You say casino. I say racino.

You say casino. I say racino. Casino. Racino. Racino. Casino. Let’s call the whole thing off.

Ok. Ok. It’s too easy of a shot but we here at Pawlenty Exposed favor the easy shot. If Tim can take the easy, spineless way out, why shouldn’t we?

Tim attends one of those big-box evangelical protestant churches –and I’m cool with that- but I confess to a curiosity. How are Tim’s fellow congregants responding to this whole more gambling deal?

I ask because Jesus’ actions in the temple are pretty clear. He’s not pleased with the moneychangers, viewing them as a corrupting, profane presence. Jesus didn’t set up a three-card monty table. He didn’t run a floating crap game. He didn’t handle the skim at the Flamingo. He befriended and forgave prostitutes; he didn’t pimp them. He didn’t pay off cops and he wasn’t mobbed up. No. Confronting blasphemy, Jesus went on a tear. Tim might keep that in mind.

So, casino or racino. Let’s call the whole thing off.


Friday, January 21, 2005

Pawlenty’s Gambling Problem

Tim has a gambling problem. And, like all gambling addicts, his masking his problem by expanding his gaming activity.

Reading the newspapers, Tim’s doubling down. That’s how I see it. If one metro-area, Vegas-style casino is good, two will be better. And if two, why not three?

Welcome to harness racing in Anoka county.

See, it’s not really about horses, harness racing, or even betting. It’s about Vegas-style gambling. Tim wants more, more, more.

Here’s the deal. Tim adds Vegas-style gaming to Canterbury Downs, really sticking it to those ungrateful Native Americans in Prior Lake. Then, because he’s fair, he adds more Vegas-style gambling at the new Harness racing track in Anoka. Still, that leaves Minneapolis, St Paul and the first-ring suburbs inconveniently distant from a casino so Tim brings us the Mall of Bellagio, formerly known as Mall of America.

It’s the perfect Pawlenty trifecta.

If popular estimates are correct, that roughly ten percent of gamblers become gambling addicts, Tim clearly falls into the problem gambler crowd. Consider: he spends all his time gambling. He thinks about gambling even when he’s not gambling. He tries to hide his gambling from public view. He spends money he doesn’t have so that he can gamble more. Obviously, Tim has a gambling problem.

Come clean, Tim. Admit your problem. The first step to recovery is taking responsibility for your addiction.

See you at the next GA meeting, buddy.


Thursday, January 20, 2005

Pawlenty Ignores Rural Minnesota

Note to Tim: Rochester is not rural. It’s a major Minnesota city. Really. You can look it up.

I say this because Tim is under the mistaken belief that, after three years of screwing rural Minnesota, a quick trip down Highway 52 fixes everything.

Southeastern Minnesota used to be bedrock Republican turf. Not goofy, right wing, weirdo Republican turf but the Eisenhower-Stassen-Anderson-Quie sober, thoughtful variety. Things have changed. Demographic shifts play a big role but the Republican party’s rightward rush is the principle cause.

In other words, Southeastern Minnesota didn’t abandon the GOP; the GOP abandoned Southeastern Minnesota.

Running down to Rochester doesn’t boost the rural GOP base because Rochester isn’t rural. Granted, Tim probably thought that his move from South Saint Paul to Eagen was a move to rural Minnesota. It’s not. McMansions aren’t four-square farmhouses and Rochester isn’t Russell. We’re not that dumb, Tim. We’re not hicks. And, we know that you’re screwing us over.


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Separated at birth? Tim Pawlenty and former Dominican Republic dictator Raphael Trujillo.

Those Pesky Unemployment Numbers

Wow, that didn’t take long. Just hours after Tim’s triumphant declaration of “good things for good people” State of the State address, his Department of Employment and Economic Security tried to slip the December unemployment numbers past us. Guess he thought we wouldn’t notice, being whipped up by the prospect of Rochester University’s eventual big game with Metro State.

Fortunately, Tim, we at Pawlenty Exposed didn’t fall off the sugar beet truck yesterday. You have to move something under the radar a lot earlier –say, anytime before 10:00am- to catch us sleeping.

The December numbers demonstrate that you’ve done a great job converting high wage jobs to low wage servitude. Thanks to your leadership, Tim, an additional bored teenager staffed the sheepskin kiosk at Rosedale during Christmas rush. Twenty years from now, that teenager-turned-middle aged man, raising his children on six weeks yearly work selling sheepskin lined slippers, will thank you for your far-sighted leadership.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Dumb Ideas But a Great Tan

Where do I start?

Breathtaking in its temerity, Timmy’s “State of the State” address pours salt into an open wound. Which wound, you ask? A fine question because Tim provides us with a lengthy list, a rogue’s gallery of doublespeak, if you will.

Since Tim’s right wing governing scalpel was honed by his publicly financed University of Minnesota degrees, let’s start with Rochester University, college of self-embraced destiny.

Even under the best circumstances, Minnesota needs another college like Wisconsin needs more string cheese. Minnesota should support its schools, not knife them in the back. Through Timmy’s leadership however, screwing over colleges and college students has become an art form.

Where will we find the funding for “Roch U”? First, Tim never mistakes a good press hit for real policy change so the funding question is actually moot, much like Tim’s advocacy of Canadian prescription drug sourcing for Minnesotans. Second, if this does creep forward, Roch U adds one more campus competing with the U of M or MnSCU for a shrinking pot of money. Tim’s commitment to higher education reminds me of Gertrude Stein’s observation about her home town of Oakland, CA, “there’s no there, there.”

But, my mother taught me to try to say something nice about people so, in that spirit, Tim, you’re sporting a really nice tan, buddy. Given that the average temperature for the last ten days have hovered around –5, I’m curious how you pulled it off.

Still, Tim, your nice tan suggests a handy metaphor for your State of the State: short term gains but long-term pain.


Monday, January 17, 2005

Smell The Fart

I’m staring at Tim’s official, gubernatorial website. They lead with a State Capitol 100th anniversary commemoration ceremony photo. Look closely and you’ll note a lot of mock solemnity, what popular soap-opera actor Joey Tribbiani calls “smell the fart.”

I raise this issue because Tim’s sliding the state’s credit card across the counter, preparing to put transportation funding on the plastic. Tim wants to borrow $7.15 billion –that’s seven point one five billion dollars- to fund ten years worth of transportation infrastructure. Tim will do this without raising taxes! Another neat dodge!

Tim is, in effect, declaring that new roads, bridges, and rail lines are Tax Increment Financing Districts. This financial tool projects increased revenues generated by the investment, then captures those increases to pay back the loan. First popularized as a downtown/urban renewal financing solution, TIF’ing is how local government raises taxes while pretending not to raise taxes.

To recap: Tim will borrow and spend 7.15 billion dollars on transportation projects, hoping to pay it back over the next thirty years with “magically increased” state revenue from these investments.


How does a bridge pay for itself, plus borrowing costs? Maybe, Tim secretly plans a “toll”. But, that’s a discussion for another day.

In any case, announcing a TIF-style financing solution requires a great deal of mock solemnity, masquerading a dumb, irresponsible idea as a good and thoughtful one. On the eve of the State of the State address, Tim deftly reminds us that he’s just another borrow-and-spend Governor. Your idea isn’t thoughtful, Tim; it’s a dishonest scam.

Smell the fart.


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Countdown to the State of the State: 7 Days To The Pawlenty Tax (Fees) Increase

I am a little on the busy side today, so here is a quick look at Two-Faced Tim’s lies about “No New Taxes” in 2004 (kind of makes you want to say “Read My Lips,” or is the Bush comment just out of place here?)

Paper Tax Filing Fee (Tax) Created – So those of us with no computer or don’t know how to use one (mainly seniors and low-income families) are hit with a tax. Sounds like class warfare to me. Why not kick us in the ribs at the same time Tim?

Teacher Licensure Fee (Tax) increase – Because they make so much right Tim? Why not take away their books and make them teach in dilapidated schools while you are at it. Oh wait, you already did. My mistake.

University of Minnesota Tuition increase – So much for keeping public school affordable huh Tim? I wonder how much it cost you to go to the U? I bet it was affordable back then. So much for helping those who come after you huh Tim?

Maybe I just need some time off. Ice fishing in Bemidji sounds good. But only for a weekend. I can’t afford to move there and foot the 11% property tax increase you hit them with last year, Tim.


Monday, January 10, 2005

Countdown to the State of the State: 8 Days To The Pawlenty Tax (Fees) Increase

Only 8 more days? We here at Pawlenty Exposed strongly suggest beginning a savings account (if you haven’t already) to pay for all the new taxes Two-Faced Tim is going to give you. Either that or start investing in some therapy!!

For those of you who are still not convinced Tim’s taxes are a bad idea, here are some more that I think you will find highly offensive, I know I do:

Newborn Screening Fee (Tax) increase – In 2004, Two-Faced Tim has done the impossible and put a price (and a higher one at that) on the health of your newborn child. What about the Minnesotans who can’t afford it? Guess they are just screwed huh Tim?

Human Rights Certificate of Compliance of Fee (Tax) – Yes, that’s right. Two-Faced Tim has done it again. Apparently a new $75 tax is the price Tim puts on Human Rights. Maybe it is just me, but I would think that when it comes to compliance with human rights, it would be best if we did not put economic obstacles in the way. Apparently Tim disagrees. Hope he is right and his tax doesn’t discourage human rights. I mean I know I don’t have $75 to spare. Not with this economy.

Looks to me like Two-Faced Tim has a lot of explaining to do. Hey Timmy, tell your speechwriters there is still time to re-do the State of the State address. Maybe you should use your time in Rochester to explain what you did to us all in 2004. I know the people in Minneapolis with their 4% property tax increase would love to know why that happened yet you continue to lie about not raising their taxes.

Perhaps you should start with your definition of tax. I mean, I keep using Webster’s dictionary. This is what it says:

Main Entry: tax
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
1 a : a charge usually of money imposed by authority on persons or property for public purposes b : a sum levied on members of an organization to defray expenses
2 : a heavy demand

Tell me Tim. Do you know something the rest of us don’t? Perhaps you should give the fine folks at Webster a call. Tell them their definition is out of touch. Or maybe it is just you who is out of touch….


Sunday, January 09, 2005

Countdown to the State of the State: 9 Days To The Pawlenty Tax (Fees) Increase

On this day of rest, I thought we would talk about those who never take a day off to rest, Police and Firefighters. They’re the backbone of modern society.

Yet, Two-faced Tim cuts their funding. How can they protect us if they can’t keep the firehouses open? How can they protect us if we do not fund essential police services?

In fact, things are so bad, Two-Face Tim had to raise the cost of calling 911. That’s right. If you are mugged, if your spouse is having a heart attack, you have to pay to call for help.

The cost for calling 911 went up 33 to 40 cents in 2004. Two-Faced Tim is taxing our safety!!

But I’m sure those of you in West St. Paul won’t mind. I am sure you didn’t expect your safety to be covered by the 11.5% property tax increase Two-Faced Tim saddled you with.

So, the next time you need to summon emergency services, be sure to call 911 collect.


Saturday, January 08, 2005

Countdown to the State of the State: 10 Days To The Pawlenty Tax (Fees) Increase

Ten more days till the Two-Faced Tim turns his back on Minnesotans and raises taxes….again. Ten more days till he lies about it to our faces, claming he fixed the problem he created with fees, while sticking to his pledge. Ten days till he thinks we actually believe the garbage he is feeding us. After all, this is what he did in 2004:

Handgun Fee (Tax) Increase of $10 - $100 (So much for Two-Faced Tim being a believer in gun rights)

Criminal History Surcharge (Tax) - $1.55 (So now we have to pay a tax to find out if we’re hiring a sex offender)

Public School Inspection Fee (Tax) – Based on the school’s square footage. So after cutting funding to local schools, Two-Faced Tim is going to charge them a new fee (tax) to make sure the school is safe, even though he doesn’t provide them with the necessary funding to make repairs. Well, who needs books and teachers anyway?

With all these fees, who has time for taxes? I’ll tell you who. The residents of Grant who saw their Property Taxes go up 79.3%.

Thanks Tim!


Friday, January 07, 2005

Two-Faced Tim is on the Pipe

I have a prediction. At the State of the State address, Tim’s going to announce that his budget includes 300-400 million dollars in new, “found” revenue from Indian gaming. Suddenly, the projected budget deficit becomes a “manageable” three hundred million rather than a truthfully projected 1.4 billion dollars.

Yes, Tim’s going to tax the Indians. Well, “tax” is, perhaps, inaccurate. “Shakedown” or “extort” cover the rhetorical ground so much better.

Yesterday, Tim smoked the peace pipe (literally; this isn’t a sexual double-entendre. Like the whole class traitor/Marxist reference, we at Pawlenty Exposed would never stoop to that sort of thing) with the White Earth, Red Lake and Leech Lake bands. This is part of Tim’s divide-and-conquer strategy, pitting the poorest tribes against the wealthiest.

Tim’s doing this because his earlier beat-the-Indians-into-political-submission strategy failed miserably. With or without the Indians, Tim Pawlenty wants Las Vegas casino gambling in Minnesota. He’ll insist that he doesn’t, but we know better. Two-Faced Tim says one thing and does another. You can bet on it.


Countdown to the State of the State: 11 Days To The Pawlenty Tax (Fees) Increase

Woke up today and I am just too damn tired to write a lot. So with 11 days to do, here are 11 more cities that failed to see the “No” in the Pawlenty No New Taxes Pledge:

Afton – 23.7% increase in your 2004 property taxes
Anoka – 3% increase in your 2004 property taxes
Cottage Grove – 6.8% increase in your 2004 property taxes
Dennison – 129% increase in your 2004 property taxes
Faribault – 9.5% increase in your 2004 property taxes
International Falls – 5.3% increase in your 2004 property taxes
Lindstrom – 28.6% increase in your 2004 property taxes
Maple Grove (per goldieoldie56) – 8% increase in your 2004 property taxes
New Ulm – 12.5% increase in your 2004 property taxes
Sauk Rapids – 13.6% increase in your 2004 property taxes
Willmar – 7.2% increase in your 2004 property taxes

For the rest of you, go here to see how much your property taxes went up in 2004, then e-mail us at pawlentyexposed@yahoo.com to get us to highlight your city in the next 11 days


Thursday, January 06, 2005

Tim's Tied Hands

To what point of ridiculousness will Tim’s “No New Taxes” pledge drive our state governing process to?

Today’s Star Trib reports that Tim, ironically our right-wing governor, can’t even keep the business community happy. He’s annoying the Chamber of Commerce with his inability to directly raise a state tax no matter who supports it or how much sense it makes (Business priorities pressure Pawlenty).

Raising the gas tax, which hasn’t been touched in 16 years, is highly popular with business and government groups throughout Minnesota in order to move us ahead (or should I say less behind) in transportation, a key to strong business. Now get this, since the Chamber obviously needs to remain loyal to Tim, they dropped their proposal to raise the gas tax in a normal way and instead requested a constitutional amendment to let voters decide if we should raise it or not.

So let me get this straight: since Tim’s hands are tied with his pledge, we need to put an increase in the gas tax, a no-brainer to even the Chamber of Commerce, on the ballot so people can vote it in and Tim won’t have to touch it? This is ludicrous. We elect politicians to do a job and Tim’s tied hands won’t let him do it.

Which brings me to the solution, a new pledge for Tim: the “I Won’t Do My Job” pledge. Or perhaps the “I Won’t Officially Touch Anything That Could Be Seen as Politically Unpopular Even if it is Supported by the Business Community for Heaven’s Sake” pledge would be more appropriate for Tim.

After signing this new pledge, Tim could officially be limited to supporting policies that make sense for his image, even if they don’t make any sense for our state. Meanwhile we, the voters and citizens, could use up our free time by educating ourselves and waiting in line to vote on the everyday processes of state government. Sound good?


Countdown to the State of the State: 12 Days To The Pawlenty Tax (Fees) Increase

Another day, another set of Taxes…er fees. No, Taxes.

Two-Faced Tim continues his march towards a Democratic Rochester away from St. Paul, word still failing to reach him that he is no longer heading towards friendly waters. Along the way hoping to hide his tax increases for 200, and keep his 2005 tax increases out of the media.

Hey Tim, while on your way might we suggest stopping in South St. Paul. You know the place. Your old stomping ground before you became a class traitor (then again, we wouldn’t call you a “class traitor” since we are not Marxists) and turned your back on all the people you grew up with.

When you do stop in, maybe you can explain why property taxes in South St. Paul went up 5.3%!!

I don’t see that as watching out for the people you love. Last I checked your own family still lives there, and if you can’t trust a guy to watch out for his own family, how can you trust him to look after your own?


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Two-Faced Tim Can’t Hide Behind The Lies

I guess the wheels are coming off the SUV. I know it is one thing for Average Joes like us to point out that in the real world, you can’t make a $1.4 Billion deficit into a $700 Million just cause it sounds better when you lie about the state of the state. But it is a whole other thing when three former Minnesota finance commissioners who have served Republican, DFL and Independent governors come out and say it.

We here at Pawlenty Exposed applaud John Gunyou, Jay Kiedrowski and Pamela Wheelock for their Star Tribune Editorial in which they embrace the truth by stating, “the gap is $1.4 billion. It is not $700 million, as our governor and some legislators have suggested, because this lower amount ignores the real cost of funding the state's program commitments.”

They go on to say, “The shortfalls of 2003, 2004 and 2005 were mostly deferred, rather than permanently fixed,” and that “we're still saddled with a budget deficit because the problems that began in fiscal year 2003 were never resolved.”

Read the whole editorial here.

Two-Faced Tim can run from the truth, but he can’t hide!!


Countdown to the State of the State: 13 Days To The Pawlenty Tax (Fees) Increase

With just 13 days to go until the Governor runs from St Paul to the “friendly” confines of Rochester to give his State of the State address, we here at Pawlenty Exposed thought it high time we talk about the tax increases good old Tim delivered for us last year.

By the way Tim, might want to take a look at the election results, a Republican doesn’t represent the Mayo Clinic any more. Just trying to help.

With that said, we will be highlighting some of Two-Faced Tim’s tax increases in 2004 as we wait, breathlessly, for his 2005 tax increases.

Small Game License “Fee” (TAX) - $12 – 12.50 increase (So much for Two-Faced Tim being a friend to the hunter)

Marriage License “Fee” (TAX) - $70 to $80 increase (So much for Two-Faced Tim being a friend of marriage)

And finally, since Tim is running away from St Paul to give this speech, I thought I would let the residents of that fine city know just why. In case you missed it (and I doubt you did) your Property Taxes...I mean Property Fees, went up .6% last year.

12 more days of tax increases to come, before Two-Faced Tim raises them again!!!


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Freshman Republican Hamilton Rejects Pawlenty Extremism

Perusing the Fairmont Sentinel, I was startled and delighted to read that newly-elected Republican House of Representatives Member Rod Hamilton is running away from rather than towards Tim Pawlenty.

The Sentinel runs the usual “local guy goes to State House, just happy to find the Men’s Room” profile (www.fairmontsentinel.com/news/stories/123004a.html), but gives Hamilton the chance to kiss the Pawlenty behind. Hamilton not only doesn’t pucker up, he kicks the pro-offered cushion. “Hamilton has shown his willingness to strike out from his party when he chose not to sign Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s ‘No New Tax” pledge for 2005.”


Minnesota’s Republican Party has two fundamental litmus tests: abortion and taxes. Endorsed candidates must, without exception, oppose both. In this regard, Hamilton is exceptional. He refused to box himself in on the no new taxes pledge. Perhaps, he should study the Pawlenty record more closely. If Tim can have it both ways, why can’t Rod?

“Two-Faced Tim” solemnly supports tax opposition, while jacking up our taxes willy-nilly. School taxes? Up. Local taxes? Up. Fees (cough, cough, mumble, “uh..taxes,” clear throat, cough) on everything from marriage licenses to parking tickets? Up. Tim Pawlenty raises taxes, that’s pretty clear. He says one thing. He does another.


Monday, January 03, 2005

Welcome to Pawlenty Exposed

Enough’s enough. It’s time to shed light on the true Tim Pawlenty. After two years under Governor Tim Pawlenty’s leadership, Minnesota is further in the hole than ever. The mainstream media seem to let Tim say one thing and do another without holding him accountable. Somebody has to stand up and say “enough.” We’re just the guys (and girl) to do it.


We want to start with a tip o’ the hat to Minnesota Democrats Exposed, our Blogspot-mate. They do a fine job of poking a finger in the Democratic eye. We’re inspired to do the same for Tim Pawlenty.

Tim gives us a lot to work with. He’s a “target rich” environment. From Tim’s humble beginnings –if we were Marxists, we’d call him a class traitor but we’re not so we won’t- to his Jon Grunseth gubernatorial campaign days –grown men, pubescent girls, alcohol and a swimming pool- to these last two disastrous years as Gov.

Minnesota is running a 1.4 billion dollar budget deficit. Thanks to Tim’s timely budgetary accounting statute changes, his Administration gets to remove inflation from it’s deficit calculations, lowering that number to 700 million dollars. We wish we could do that. I could just call up Visa and say, “hey, buddy, that fourteen hundred bucks I’m carrying on the plastic? Well, this is Tim Pawlenty’s Minnesota, pal, and I get to call it seven hundred.” I’m sure that’ll work.

Ooo, but wait. Tim tells us that we have a spending problem, not a revenue shortfall problem. This from Governor Tim “Bought and Paid for” Pawlenty. We’re sure that Tim sees things differently than us but then we don’t live in the Twin Cities finer gated communities. (The Governor’s Mansion being among Minnesota’s tonier gated communities.) We also don’t have a whole government full of hacks and toadies working away at making us look better regardless of reality. We only have “Tim Pawlenty Exposed,” you and the truth on our side. Tighten up your seat belts, return your tray tables to the locked, upright position and enjoy the ride.

Enough’s enough.