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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Pawlenty Strays, Polaris Pays, DNR Looks the Other Way

This pat weekend, Tim Pawlenty was tear-assing around Grand Rapids on an ATV when he ran into a tree stump. The ATV, a 2005 model belonging to Polaris Corporation, sustained $2,500 in damages, roughly a third of its cost.

Pawlenty spokesman Brian McClung quickly leaped to Tim’s defense. "The governor just happened to clip (the stump) with the corner of the ATV and that was enough to take it out.”

Pawlenty was not cited, but Department of Natural Resources supervisor Ken Soring said the governor was likely going too fast for the difficult terrain.

I suppose we should all breath a sigh of relief that Tim wasn’t attending a gun show.

Think about what McClung says. “The Governor just happened to clip it…” Just happened. Like he was driving along like any responsible ATV operator, completely in control of his machine, when he just happened to hit a stump. Note the passive language, deflecting responsibility. Tim didn’t hit the stump so much as the ATV kinda, sorta hit the stump.

This is right out of a Jerry Springer episode. “Jerry, I didn’t mean to sleep with my wife’s mom, it just happened. All seventeen times.”

Wouldn’t it be neat if we had a Governor who owned up to his mistakes? Who said, “Folks, I don’t ride ATVs that much and I was going a lot faster than was safe. I hit a stump that I should’ve seen. I wrecked an ATV that doesn’t belong to me but I’m paying for the damage I caused. It’s embarrassing to learn this lesson at my age and stage in life but I hope other people learn from my mistake.”

But, no, Tim didn’t say that. Instead, his toady said that Pawlenty’s accident just happened. Sort of like the way Tim governs our state. All those failing roads? They just happened. Our overcrowded, under funded schools? They just happened. Skyrocketing local property taxes? They just happened.

I guess Tim’s ATV accident isn’t so surprising.



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