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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Don’t Count You Eggs Before They Hatch, Tim

Tim’s plan to turn Minnesota into Las Vegas in order to cover core state services is dead (see any newspaper today May 18th). The problem is, Tim had already factored this income into the state’s budget. Seems to me that the adage, “don’t count your eggs before they hatch,” would have been useful here. So, what do we do now, Tim? Should we just kick a few more thousand working Minnesotans off of their healthcare insurance? You didn’t seem to care too much about the first forty thousand, what’s a few thousands more? As long as it keeps David Strom and Karl Rove happy, it’s probably a good idea for you. Or maybe we could raise the nursing home fees, or pass on the cuts to our middle schools and high schools, or just charge the students at the University of Minnesota a few more thousand dollars a year in tuition? These all seem like viable options; surely they are better ideas than having all of us chip in our fair share to keep our standard of living highest in the nation, like we used to do. That, my fellow Minnesotans, would be profoundly stupid.


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